Secure Caravan Storage

Viewing Peak Caravan Services from outside the gate

Look no further for secure caravan storage. CaSSOA Gold Award Caravan Storage awaits you here. Such is the confidence that insurers place in CaSSOA approved facilities that all caravan insurers offer discounts on insurance premiums to those storing their caravan at them. Major Caravan insurers offering as much as 25% discounts.

Our site has been designed from the outset with security in mind. Our perimeters are designed to have banks or embankments behind the fences ensuring that vehicles can only leave via the single drived entrance.

Our main gates are professionally made and constructed of heavy gauge steel bar and box section, three locking points secure the gates when closed. A heavy duty steel box protects the main lock from tampering when fitted. Immediately inside the main gates are two traffic barriers spanning the whole width of the drive these are constructed from 6"x5" RSJ steel and lock to anchor posts. Stainless steel boxes fixed to the end of the barriers totally enclose the locks when fitted making them tamper proof.

A floodlighting system illuminates the site during all hours of darkness.

Sixteen CCTV camera's, a mixture of day and night vision, record the whole of the perimeter fencing 24 hours per day to digital recording equipment.

On site caravans are parked closely together to prevent doors and windows opening when all caravans are in storage. In order to maintain this system all caravans are parked by Peak Caravan Services Staff. You are met and assisted in unhitching your caravan and your caravan is then manouvered away to its storage pitch. When collecting your caravan it has been brought off its pitch and is waiting for you to hitch and go, assistance in hitching is also given if required.
In order to offer the best possible security and as advised by security professionals and the police we do not allow self access to the site via barrier card or key, therefore caravan owners have piece of mind that no one can be wandering around their caravan whilst in storage. We are however conscious of caravanners requirements and operate long opening hours throughout the summer. We will also allow caravan collections and returns outside business hours when pre-arranged

Calor Gas is stocked on site, hence there is no need to run out of gas on holiday exchange your empty gas cylinders for full ones on your return or prior to departure. We only charge the Calor Recommended Retail Price unlike most Caravan Sites who charge over the RRP.

You are more than welcome on site during opening hours to carry out your own repairs, internal or external cleaning etc, we will position your caravan to make this possible, power and water can be made available to you.

We achieved CaSSOA Gold Award status at our first inspection, in our second year in business, our customers benefit from this by not only knowing their caravan is safe but by being rewarded with generous discounts on insurance premiums

We are Calor Gas stockists with all the regular caravan size cylinders in stock, no need to be short of gas whilst on holiday

Bank to road side perimeter at roof height

Gabian Bank to rear of site 12 feet high

Single entry drive ramped up to road