Services available to the Caravan Owner

Viewing Peak Caravan Services from outside the gate

At Peak Caravan Services we offer a full range of services optionally to our storage customers.

Full Service -recommended annually we will carry out a full and thorough service of your caravan. A full service covers every aspect of your caravans equipment. Tyre and wheel inspection, brake drum removal and cleaning of the shoes, brake adjustment, hitch assembly, corner steadies cleaned and greased, road light test. Internally a gas safety test is carried out, mains safety test, all appliances are tested, water system checked, and interior lighting. Finally a full damp survey is carried out. Upon completion of the service a full written report is prepared for the customer.

Half Service -Should you not feel the full service is necessary we also offer two options of half servicing.
Internal Half Service includes gas and electricity safety tests, all appliances checked and full damp survey.
External Half Service covers wheels, tyres, brakes, corner steadies and road lights.

Appliance Repairs -We are able to fix any problems you may have with your appliances, fridges, heaters, blown air, water heaters, thetford loo repairs are all covered

Washing Service - We offer a simple wash and rinse off or full wash rinse and wax service, which will be carried out just prior to you collecting your caravan so it,s gleaming good as new when you hit the road.

Collection/Delivery - We offer a collection and delivery service for your caravan. Your caravan can be delivered to, or collected from, your home or caravan site.

Battery Charging - We offer a battery testing and charging service, leave us your battery and we will ensure it is tested, topped up with electrolite and fully charged for your next outing

Tyre Checking -Your life rides on your tyres and tyres do not last forever. It is strongly recommended to replace tyres at five years old as this is the average age that a tyre starts to delaminate. Delamination is a process where the layers which make up the tyre start to separate, this allows air between the layers and the layers are then able to rub together which eventually causes the tyre to burst. At normal travelling speed this can have catastrophic consequences. In some cases causing an accident with possible injuries, or in most cases serious damage to the caravan as the shredded tyre whips round breaking the wheel arch and appliances within the caravan in that area. We will check your tyres for wear, signs of aging and advise you of the age of the tyre. Helping you stay safe on your journey.

Tyre Replacement -We offer a tyre replacement service, we remove the wheels from your caravan and transport them to a tyre supplier wher the new tyres are fitted, we then return them and refit them to your caravan

Your caravan washed prior to collection, clean and ready for the road.

We are Calor Gas stockists with all the regular caravan size cylinders in stock, no need to be short of gas whilst on holiday

Tyre Checking, Brake Servicing

Window resealing

Rotten window timbers replaced