Viewing Peak Caravan Services from outside the gate

Welcome to Peak Caravan Services. You have just made the first important step to safegaurding your pride and joy.

Established as a new business, in May 1994, we have built a reputation amongst caravanners for our honest, customer comes first policy. At Peak Caravan Services you are not just a number, you are a valuable customer.

We achieved CaSSOA Gold Award status in our second year of business and this is a valuable asset to us. Not only is Peak Caravan Services a Secure Site at which to store your caravan we offer so much more.

Unlike many caravan storage farms and sites, we patrol our site and caravans daily, should any problems arise ie tyres gone flat, skylights or windows left open, or opened or damaged by the weather we report this to you immediately. Frequently when a caravan is left with us we here the fridge or heater igniter operating in the caravan, we report this to the owner. Even a cat was left in one once, yes we reported it to the owner.

Once at our site we can take care of all your requirments, from servicing, repairs, washing, polishing, tyre inflation, battery charging, to name just a few, all at one site without having the inconvenience and cost of moving it to alternative repairers and arranging it's return. If you have a problem whilst out with your caravan when you leave it back in storage it can be sorted hassle free ready for your next trip.

We also offer a caravan delivery/collection service, we will deliver your caravan to a destination of your choice whether it be home, caravan site or dealer and collection if required. An ideal service for the busy family short of time before a holiday for instance.

Whilst a full range of services are all offered at our site we welcome those on site who wish carry out work on their own caravan, we have water and power on site which we gladly allow our customers to use without additional charge.

We are experienced caravanners ourselves and whether you are new to caravanning or not, we are always available to offer advice on any aspect of caravanning

Peak Caravan Services protect not only your caravan but as a direct result of storing your caravan away from home you are protecting your home also. When your caravan has become a regular feature on your property it becomes a signal to all passers by or observers when it is gone that you are on holiday away from home. Your house can then become a target to the less honest amongst us in the knowledge they will not be disturbed.

At our site office we have a growing range of accessories, aimed more at spares for servicing and repairs but we do stock the frequently required consumables, chemical toilet fluids,cleaning equipment for example

We achieved CaSSOA Gold Award status at our first inspection, in our second year in business, our customers benefit from this by not only knowing their caravan is safe but by being rewarded with generous discounts on insurance premiums

We are Calor Gas stockists with all the regular caravan size cylinders in stock, no need to be short of gas whilst on holiday

Banking to rear of site 12 feet high with river beyond